Your Home Bar Doesn't Have to Cost a Fortune When You Buy it at a Furniture Outlet

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Having a home bar might sound like a pipe dream, but with a little planning and a trip to your favorite furniture outlet, you can enjoy the perks of a bar without having to leave the comfort of your home. 

If you're ready to start furnishing your own home bar, here are some popular styles to consider.

The Corner Bar

If you aren't able to dedicate an entire room to a home bar, then setting up a corner bar might be the best option for you. A corner bar generally consists of a small cabinet for storing drinks and some shelves to show off "the good stuff." You can fit 2-3 bar stools/chairs at a corner bar, so this works well if you are planning on using it for your personal enjoyment, instead of hosting larger gatherings. You can find bar stools of all shapes and colors at Baxton Studio Outlet, so be sure to stop in and check out our showroom in person to decide which stools suit your taste.

The Wet Bar

A wet bar is basically any bar that includes a sink, which means it requires significantly more planning than a corner bar, which can be set up anywhere. If you have the plumbing already in place, then a wet bar can be a great addition to your home.

The Straight Bar

A straight bar, unlike a corner bar, can be placed anywhere in a room. It can be the focal point in the center of a room, hang out in a corner, or be placed along a back wall. This type of bar is versatile and generally has space in cabinets for storing drinks, glasses, and bottles.

Bar Tables

Bar tables are a great addition to any home bar, and their mobility means you can store them if you are short on space and bring them out when you are having guests over. Setting up bar tables in your home instantly gives guests a place to set their drinks while they socialize.

A home bar can be a great addition to your lifestyle, without requiring a huge cost. For more ideas on how to furnish your home bar, stop by one of our showrooms, or contact us today.

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