Selecting A Sofa: Helpful Tips For Choosing A Comfortable Couch

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Choosing a new couch for your living room, or any room, in your home can be a bit of a challenge. But when you shop Baxton Studio Outlet's big selection of furniture, you are sure to find exactly what you need. 

Use the following tips to help you select the perfect sofa for your space.


Decide how much of the room you want to devote to your new couch. Will you be including chairs or other couches? What about a coffee table? If the answer is yes, a simple sofa, or perhaps one that has an L-shape, may be the best choice. Look for couches that are more round and offer more seating, if you want the sofa to be a focal point.


How will you be placing the sofa in the room? If you aren't sure, think about what you do most in the living room. Do you watch TV to unwind? Face your couch in that direction. Does your family enjoy reading, relaxing, and lounging in the room? Surround the sofa with chairs for multiple seating areas that work together or individually. Do you often host game nights? Consider creating a semi-circle, or possibly a full circle around a table.


Do you need to divide an open area? An L-shape couch is a great option. Alternatively, choosing a round-shaped sofa works well in smaller spaces where you like to gather.

When browsing through of wide selection of couches and sofas, be sure to think about the size, orientation, and shape. If you consider all these factors, you'll be able to find a couch that meets your needs and perfectly compliments your space. Need help choosing? Don't hesitate to contact us.

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