Satisfy Your Inner Oenophile with a Wine Cabinet from Our Large Modern Furniture Warehouse

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If you thought you could only find great deals on mattresses and dining room furniture at our large modern furniture warehouse, think again. At Baxton Studio Outlet, we also keep specialty pieces in our inventory that delight wine enthusiasts across the state. When your inner oenophile cries out for a wine cabinet but all you have is a shelf in the pantry, we can help.

Serve Your Guests in Style with a Wine Cart

The Coppinger Dark Brown Modern Wine Cart is a contemporary means of bringing your wine collection to your guests. During the next get-together, wheel the cart in and display up to three bottles of your finest wine (horizontally stored, of course). The casters lock, which prevents accidental spillage. A drawer offers space to keep the corkscrew and napkins handy.

Show off Your Collection with Wine Cabinets

When you have a sizable collection of about 30 bottles, the Austin Brown Wood Modern Wine Tower is an ideal display piece. Measuring almost 69 inches in height, it is a perfect addition to your living room furniture suite. The upper shelves are best for the display of your rarest vintages and favorite crystal.

For a smaller collection, consider the Atlanta Dark Brown Wood Modern Wine Cabinet. It holds about 20 bottles in the traditional horizontal storage position. At a height of 37.5 inches, it fits right in with your standard kitchen furniture or living room cabinets. The top consists of a removable tray, which allows you to prepare and serve your wine right from the cabinet.

The Discreet Wine Bar

Some oenophiles are notoriously close-mouthed about the vintages in their collections. They like to surprise and amaze their guests with the finds they unearth. If this describes you, our large modern furniture warehouse suggests the purchase of the Baltimore Dark Brown Modern Bar Cabinet. It closes completely and does not display any of your wines. Yet when you open it, the space for hanging wine glasses, as well as upright and horizontal storage options, is nothing short of amazing. 

Contact us today to learn more about these selections and our many other wine cabinets.

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