How to Decorate With Mirrors From Our Furniture Outlet

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Mirrors have the power to bring light into a space that does not have as many windows as you would like. They succeed at giving a small room or apartment an illusion of spaciousness. Browse our well-stocked furniture outlet for an amazing assortment that is sure to meet your needs.

Add Height or Length to Your Rooms with Floor-length Mirrors

A floor-length mirror tricks the eye into perceiving a room to be taller than it really is. Mount it behind a furniture grouping for best results. When you put the mirror on its side, the optical illusion attributes more length to the wall than is there. Our rectangular Doniea Mirror features a dark brown wood frame that fits into any type of interior d├ęcor. It measures 31 inches in width by 71 inches in height. When you choose our Baxton Studio floor mirror with black leather frame, you get a similar height and width, but also enjoy the texture that leather brings to the setting.

Group Mirrors to Reflect Natural Light and Open up a Space

The trick here is not to buy four or five identical mirrors but to group ones that complement one another in shape or frame color. When you look through our inventory, you'll notice that we have several round, starburst shaped mirrors that differ sufficiently to create a visually appealing display when grouped together.

The Goring contemporary round accent wall mirror measures 36 inches by 36 inches. It is ideal on its own or as part of a grouping. The Caton model features similar measurements. Our Clancy model measures 39 inches by 39 inches, which makes it a half-inch smaller than the Ulmer model. Mix and match this set on your wall for a fantastic look.

Of course, our furniture outlet also has plenty of other mirrors that are perfect as fake window displays or do double-duty as jewelry armoires. Contact us today to find out more about our broad selection of room accessories.

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