Having Friends Stay Over on New Year’s Eve is Easy with Our Fantastic Mattress Deals

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Switch out lumpy, saggy or hard mattresses with fantastic mattress deals from our furniture outlet. If you're worried about hosting friends this New Year’s Eve because your guest beds are an embarrassment, you have options.

Their Losses are Your Gain

Our buyers are constantly on the lookout for great deals, extraordinary bargains and must-see specials. We can sell new Serta mattresses at almost half the cost from what other stores charge. How do we do it? Easy! We buy in bulk from Serta and pass the savings on to you. 

These are top-of-the-line mattresses that were ordered, but for some reason never shipped. Other mattresses come from discontinued lines that retailers no longer sell. Still others represent stock that features a fabric from the last season. Serta’s loss is your gain.

Pair a Serta Mattress with a New Bed Frame

Since you are already thinking of replacing the guest bedrooms' mattresses, why not update the frames, too? A Sheila Tan Linen Modern Bed with upholstered headboard, in a king size model, is more than $150 cheaper at our furniture outlet than at any other store. Our broad range of contemporary, platform and canopy beds is easy on the budget and a great fit for any home’s décor.

Thanks to the fantastic mattress deals that you find at the Baxton Studio Furniture Outlet, hosting your New Year’s Eve party and letting your friends sleep in the guest rooms on updated accommodations has never been simpler.

Contact us today to also find out about our curbside delivery and inside placement services. Why stop at great bargains when you can add convenience to the mix?

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