Finding a Dining Table is Personal at Our Large Modern Furniture Warehouse

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In today's fast paced and ever-changing world, people are reinventing the meaning of a dining room and kitchen. It's no longer limited to stuffy, rarely used dining rooms and big, chaotic kitchens. People are now creating dining areas that suit their needs and are functional, trendy and modern. One current trend, as described in the Seattle Times, is the micro-kitchen. 

People want to define their dining lifestyles on their terms and are becoming creative (and more economical) with how they furnish their spaces (i.e. using what might have been a formal dining room for a play room or office). While creative small kitchens are popular in urban areas, people living in various geographic locations find tiny kitchens appealing.

Open, modern dining tables work well in spaces where every inch of space matters. For example, tables with light wood and metal construction look industrial yet contemporary. Styles of Mid-Century modern dining tables also look on-trend and unobtrusive in small living spaces. Modern dining tables are often used not just for eating meals, but also for keeping all sorts of items close at hand. When furnishing tiny spaces, seek a versatile table that complements a busy life and fits well in a specific area.

In addition to rectangular dining tables, small round kitchen tables are also an option for small spaces since they take up minimal room. These tables look elegant with curved legs or modern, slightly tapered legs. Consider a simple bistro table for a one-seat arrangement or a breakfast nook. These types of tables are luxuriously easy to sit at when having coffee and a bagel for a quick breakfast before work.

Seek out lightweight table seating for creative and small spaces. Measure the heights of the seats to ensure that they're not too high or low for your table. Cool choices include acrylic chairs, which look open and minimalistic. Modern wood chairs with rounded corners also work well. Some people prefer low chair backs to keep a space feeling open; while others prefer chairs with higher backs for more support. Some even go for family style benches. Browse tables and chairs in-person, and maybe even mix and match, to find the ideal combination.

Our large modern furniture warehouse has tables that work well in open living areas, dining rooms, or modern kitchens. The prices at our warehouses are well-suited for budget conscious shoppers. To learn more about our broad selection of tables, contact us or chat with a sales associate at our stores.

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