A Chrome Finish Basement Bar Setup for Mardi Gras? Check Our Big Selection of Furniture

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Envision your upcoming Mardi Gras party held – in style – in the comfort and style of your home. Unlike the last few years when you had the odds and ends of leftover furniture as seating arrangements, this year you are going to wow everyone with your chrome-finish pieces. Putting together a chrome-finish bar setup is no problem when you look through our big selection of furniture.

Bar Tables? We Have Those!

Opt for the Cordova white plastic and chrome modern bar table. At a width of 27 inches, it is small enough to allow you to place multiple tables in your basement bar setting. At the same time, it is sufficiently large to hold drinks and food. The white tabletop makes cleanup of spills a snap. The chrome-finished base adds pizzazz to the space and looks great. At a height of a little over 43 inches, the table reaches the ideal pub height.

Pair the Table with Chrome-Finish Bar Stools

To complement the pub height of the table, pair it with bar stools that are either adjustable or feature a preset 30-inch height. The Black LEM adjustable bar stool comes with a chrome podium and overall finish, as well as a black seating surface, which is a visually pleasing counterpoint to the white table surface.

Another excellent option is one of our Delta contemporary height-adjustable swivel bar stools. In addition to the chrome podium stand, they offer comfortable seating surfaces made from molded ABS plastic. Available colors include silver, white, black, and red. Choose white to echo the tabletop’s color, or mix and match colors for a fun accent. These furnishings expertly complement the contemporary look of the table.

Getting the Mardi Gras Party Started

Serve appetizers, drinks, and meals from a Bisanti chrome steel trolley cart that has a drawer. At a height of almost 38 inches and a length of 15 inches, there is plenty of room to store bottles and bowls. The drawer is ideal for serving utensils, while the additional two shelves allow for further storage.

Contact us today to learn more about our big selection of furniture, as well as the delivery policy that can bring your basement bar setup right to you.

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