4 Tips for Deciding on a Decor Style from Our Big Selection of Furniture

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Our huge furniture outlet has a nearly overwhelming selection of furniture for apartments, condos, houses, and other spaces. On occasion, shoppers don't know which style matches their vision for decorating a space. 

Here are some helpful tips for selecting furniture that matches your lifestyle.

1. Choose furniture that complements the existing home furnishings or home architecture.

If you plan on living in the same home without renovating or making other major changes for awhile, browse furniture options that work well with the existing decor theme. For example, minimalist furniture with simple lines works well in modern homes and small living spaces. In contrast, furniture with deep tones and an elegant appearance tends to look great in homes with antique or traditional aesthetics. While decor preferences are largely subjective, this is a helpful starting point.

2. Discern how you prefer to live in your home on a day-to-day basis.

It helps to choose furniture that's easy to live with according to your lifestyle. For example, for high-traffic areas of the home, choose sofas and chairs with durable, easy to clean fabric. For formal living and entertaining areas, it's fun to choose furniture with a luxurious appeal.

3. Browse home decor and lifestyle magazines.

Online or print magazines offer great suggestions, when it comes to choosing furniture for a home. Read about decor themes such as country, transitional or contemporary decor styles.

4. Talk to our helpful sales representatives about suggestions.

For personalized guidance, ask to speak with a sales associates at one of our stores. Stop by our outlets once, or even a few times, to consider furniture pieces for your home.

The furniture styles at our stores meet a variety of budgets, style preferences and decor needs. For more information about updating a space or furnishing a home, contact us.

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