How Small Changes From the Manufacturer can get you Fantastic Mattress Deals

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When people first visit our stores in person to buy a mattress they often ask us the same two questions:

  1. How are these mattresses so much more affordable than in other stores?
  2. Is there something wrong with them?

For those of you who have not had a chance to visit our amazing outlet stores in Bensenville and Lombard, Illinois, let us explain to you why we can offer these fantastic mattress deals to our customers.

Let's address the "Is there something wrong with them?" question first. Our inventory of Serta mattresses are held to the exact same quality standards that you would expect from the Serta brand. The majority of the mattresses that we have on display were ordered through the manufacturer and then, never shipped for one reason or another. One reason is due to the fact that companies are always trying to innovate and change certain aspects of their products to appeal to different customers. This may result in a change in a pattern, material or style, but never a decrease in the quality.

The second question of the affordability of our mattresses is best answered by understanding the concept of our bulk purchasing. Being the largest furniture importer and distributer in Illinois, we are able to purchase large quantities of mattresses. From overstocks to factory sell outs, showroom models to design prototypes, we can purchase these mattresses at a cost below our competition and then pass the savings onto you. It is just one more way that we are trying to give our customers the highest quality furniture and mattresses at the prices they have come to know and love.

Be sure to check out our website for yourself to see the amazing deals that we offer, or you can contact us for more information.

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